USB On The Go adapter

My exploration into this topic was mainly fueled from the desire to lessen my load when going to meetings and wanting to stay as productive as possible by capturing notes electronically, without having to carry extra gear. What I found is you are able to lessen the load, stay productive and if a specific mouse or keyboard is needed you are in luck too.

The key component to making this happen is a USB female to Micro USB Male adapter. With this adapter you are able to use the Android feature called USB On-The-Go (OTG). Once the adapter is plugged in you are able to connect a mouse and/or keyboard of your choice. Your device should recognize both and you are able to use your Android tablet or phone like a traditional computer.

The benefit from an assistive technology perspective is that in the past to use an alternative keyboard or mouse you needed to be using a computer. With this solution the “computer” may already be purchased, and if not, Android devices are much less expensive than other mobile devices or a traditional computer.

Take a look at just a few of the devices I recently used on my Android phone and don’t forget a Head Mouse is always and option too!  

various mice and keyboards that work with usb on the go

**Not all devices are USB OTG compatible. To see if your device is compatible, go here for more information on how to find out: USB OTG Compatibility


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