Staying active and enjoying the outdoors is part of any healthy lifestyle. Its been proven that individuals with disabilities flourish physically, mentally, and spiritually when enjoying their favorite outdoor activity. With that said, there are my different types of assistive technology available so anyone, no matter their ability, can participate in the activities they love.


Below are ten great examples of assistive technology used for outdoor fun!


1.            Image Stabilization Binoculars


These high powered binoculars include a feature that stabilizes an image regardless of involuntary movements, shaking, or tremors by the user. One push of a button activates the stabilization feature – great for hunting or wildlife viewing. The binoculars are waterproof and can be mounted on any standard tripod or mounting system.


2.            Adaptive Fishing Rod


Ken’s Power Caster is one example of many types of adaptive fishing rods. An individual can cock, cast and reel in by pushing ability switches with their chin or hands, or by sucking/blowing into sip and puff switches. Check out how Ken reels in his story worthy fish in this video.


3.            Adaptive Waterski and Wakeboard Equipment


A broad range of individuals with disabilities can benefit from the freeing sport of adaptive waterskiing and wakeboarding. This relatively new sport allows individuals independence on the water, and an opportunity to make waves!


4.            Regulation Soccer Ball with Rattle Pods


Rattling disks evenly distributed inside this soccer ball continue to make sound a few moments after motion has stopped. Although this ball was traditionally designed for those with low vision, it can be used to encourage full inclusion play for a broad range of abilities.


5.            Adaptive shooting rest, Rifle mount, and Gun Mount


Do you have your eye on a brag-worthy buck or tom? With this hands-free mount most firearms can be aimed by moving a joystick with an individual’s chin, forearm or hand, and fired by a sip and puff switch. Are you more into target shooting? If so, check out this video of Randy Haims using his gun mount and sip and puff system to shoot a 9mm pistol!


6.            Bite Switch photography


With one bite, the switch activates the shutter of the camera. This switch is a great modification for anyone with limited use of their hands and an artist’s eye.


7.            Single Rider Golf Car


With many golf courses requiring golf carts on the green to keep everyone’s game on time, those with disabilities found many inventive ways to keep up, one of which is the Single Rider Golf Car. The traditional golf cart does not accommodate to people who play from a seated position. Single Rider Golf Cars give those individuals the mobility and seating they need to make their tee time and focus on the game!


8.            Pool lift


The benefits of low impact aquatic exercise are endless! For individuals who have trouble getting in and out of pools, those benefits can be stopped, literally at entrance. Pool lifts eliminate those barriers and allow all individuals to reap the benefits of the water by simply giving them independence to enter the pool.


9.            Protective Gear


In some situations, protective gear may determine whether or not an individual can safely participate in an activity. Luckily, there are many different types of protective gear to choose from to help any individual become part of the game!


10.         Adaptive Ski Equipment


Hitting the slopes is an exhilarating way to stay active in the cold months of winter – those of which we are far too familiar with in North Dakota! There are many types of adaptive ski equipment to help individuals with a broad range of abilities acquire the infamous winter sun-burn during their run down the slopes! For individuals in ND, check out this new adaptive ski program!


For more information about assistive technology for the outdoors and funding opportunities towards the purchase of equipment, contact IPAT at 1.800.895.4728, or feel free to shoot me an email at