Wireless lamp socket


Turning on lights is an activity that we all take part in on a daily basis. Recently I assisted an individual who has arthritis and he was depending on others to turn lamps on or just leaving them on all the time because he could not use the standard lamp switch. He felt like a burden to others and also did not feel good about the energy that was being used when not needed.

Depending on your home arrangement and the lighting setup when the home was built you may rely on lamps for the majority of light. The activity of turning on a standard lamp switch can be difficult for some because of a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason, there are easier ways to turn on a lamp than the traditional means.

The easiest way to make this happen is to use a wireless switch that can be added by plugging the lamp into an additional outlet or adding a light socket adapter to the lamp (see image). These are available at many department stores and most hardware stores for around $20. Options also include the use of a power strip with the additional wireless light switch. An example is the Belkin Conserve switch.

The advantages of this type of setup are clear. The user has more independence and you also do not need an electrician to make the connections. What a difference a simple device can make. Let us know if you have an easy solution like this for individuals you know.

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