Day-to-day life can become frustrating if the little things are weighing you down. Below we will take a look at everyday challenges and some simple mainstream assistive technology to provide help.

Wireless Switch Outlet

Turning on lamps can become difficult for some because of the need to see the switch under the lamp shade and also the fine motor movement of turning the switch. With the wireless switch outlet you can add a new switch to any lamp. The ability to put the switch where the user needs it is a great advantage.

wireless light switch


Flipper Remote Control

I’ve talked about the complexity of remote controls in the past:  The easiest way to simplify a TV remote control   The other option is to purchase a universal remote. The Flipper is a simplified universal remote control that has the ability to learn TV and device codes.

 Flipper remote control


EZ-Key Turner

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that over 52 million people in the United States have arthritis.   With that number expected to rise over time, tools to help with this will become important. A task that can become difficult is using keys. By adding a key turner to those keys that are most often used it can make the job of opening a locked door easier.

 EZ- Key turner


Sound Sentry XL

Remembering your keys or turning the iron off as you walk out of the house is something that we all experience. With the Sound Sentry XL you are able to program a recording and have it play when you activate the motion sensor on the device.

 sound sentry xl


Lids Off Jar Opener

Opening jars is another task that can be difficult for someone of any age. With the Black and Decker Lids Off Jar Opener just put the jar into the device and simply push the large button and it will be opened in no time.

 lids off jar opener



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