Ever since Google Glass was announced I have been excited about the possibilities of this technology. We have the standard impressions of the device being able to take video and pictures with a voice command or a head gesture and being able to get information on just about anything you are looking at. The following articles talk about the impacts that Google Glass may have on the assistive technology field. With the prototypes recently given out we may have an even better idea of what this will provide for an individual with a disability very soon. Take a look at the possible solutions and feel free to suggest how you think it could be best used.


AssisTech talks about the possibilities for those with a hearing loss:

Google Glass: Possible Uses for the Hearing Impaired


The ALS AT blog covers Sam Sennot and what he may be doing with AAC in mind:

Graduate Student’s Proposal for Google Glass is Accepted by Google


BostInno covered the idea of controlling a wheelchair:

Local Engineer Proposes Google Glass App to Make Wheelchairs Eye-Controlled


Martin Hamilton takes a shot at how those with vision loss could benefit:

Take a Picture, and Tell Me What You See – Google Glass as Assistive Technology


Traumatic Brain Injury Diaries captures possibilities for TBI patients:

Google Glass As Assistive Technology for TBI