CapTel Phone, Phone Signaler, Strobe Doorbell

I recently had the opportunity to work with “Mary” and her caregiver to talk about ways for her to stay safe at home. Mary has a hearing loss and her caregiver mentioned that she was not answering phone calls or hearing when people were at the front door. Mary was willing to explore options as she had already been an AT user for some time with the CapTel Telephone, which allows an individual to read what the other party is saying instead of hearing.

For notification of phone calls it was determined that a phone signaler  would be the answer, so that a lamp will flash when there is an incoming call. For notification of somebody at the door a loud flashing doorbell proved to be the answer.

With these pieces of assistive technology, Mary is able to continue to  live safely at home, and caregivers and loved ones are also able to have peace of mind by being able to contact her.

Let us know what pieces of AT you’re using to stay at home safely; it may be the answer for other individuals as well.

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