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Christmas Day came and went and with it I am sure many of you enjoyed great food and fun festivities and traditions with family and friends.  For many people, going to the movie theatre to catch the latest blockbuster is an enjoyable holiday tradition. For some, assistive technology (AT) may be needed to enjoy the movie experience.  Are you aware of the AT options theatres provide to enhance your time at the movies? Many theatre locations throughout the United States offer accessible movies. Locally, theatres throughout North Dakota can provide assistive listening devices that an individual can use to amplify the sound of the movie.  However, not every auditorium inside the theatre is equipped to be compatible with the supplied device.

In addition to assistive listening devices, Century 10 and West Acres Theatres in Fargo have captioning and descriptive narration devices available.  Click here to read a newspaper article that describes the AT available at these two theatres. Not every theatre offers these devices so call your local theatre to see what is available to you.  Having the use of AT might provide you with the best holiday movie experience!

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