VARIDESK ProPlus 36There are many reasons employees would benefit from being able to frequently change position from sitting to standing throughout the day.  For many individuals who have hip replacements, back injuries, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and other issues, the ability to use a sit-stand desk can mean the difference between full and part-time employment to not working at all.

Traditional sit-stand desks, whether powered or manual, tend to be on the expensive side, the VARIDESK (starting at $375) changes that because it is an add-on for existing desks or tables, which lowers the price considerably.

The VARIDESK requires no assembly and is ready to use out of the box. Simply set it on the desired work surface, grasp the handles on either side, and the desk will move easily with the “spring-lift mechanism” to the desired height.  See the video below for more information.

We recently had a client with Rheumatoid Arthritis come in for an assessment.  The VARIDESK ended up being one of the solutions to help her work longer hours at her job.  If you would like to see a demo of this versatile device (we have the ProPlus 36 model), contact IPAT to schedule an appointment at 1-800-895-4728 or



About Author

Jeannie Krull is the Program Manager for ND Assistive (formerly IPAT). She is an ASHA certified speech/language pathologist and a RESNA certified Assistive Technology Professional, who has worked with people with disabilities of all ages since 1991.