About a month ago, I visited the ND Vision Services/School for the Blind and had wonderful conversations with some of the staff.  One of the fascinating things I learned was from Candy Lien, Braille instructor.  I learned that Dish Network has some great options for people with visual impairments and other disabilities.  Candy told me that her remote control actually speaks to her.  It will say the numbers on the remote control out loud when they are pushed, and the TV will announce the name of the channel and what is currently playing.


Photo of Dish Network TV screen and remote control
Photo of Dish Network TV screen and remote control

I had to find out more, so I talked to MY DISH customer service and they directed me to their webpage that describes all of their accessibility features.  https://www.mydish.com/accessibility



For those with visual impairments here are some features:

Text to speech is an option where menu screens and guides are read aloud.

Screen magnification for menu screens and guides on the Hopper.

Audio description (or descriptive video) on movies or shows that have narrative tracks.


For those with hearing impairments here are some features:

Bluetooth audio that syncs with hearing aids

Closed captioning is available which is basically on every TV.  But what is new is the ability to change the color, the size of captions, and the style.

The video below describes how to turn on the accessibility settings.



Last spring Dish Network also incorporated technology that will pair Amazon Alexa with Hopper or Wally receivers.  Once paired, you can use your Echo device to change channels, look for specific shows, play recordings, etc.  This is explained at this website and is much like using the Amazon Fire Stick except that it can be all done by voice and you wouldn’t have to click on a button like the Fire Stick.


My hat goes off to Candy at ND Vision Services/School for  the Blind for sharing this information to me.  She did mention that the voice isn’t as clear as she would like, but as with all new technology there is always room for improvement.