Are you sitting at home bored and feeling lethargic? I am attempting in the blog this week to give you a few ideas of activities you can do in your own home to alleviate boredom and add a little spice to this new normal. While I was looking for activities that are adapted in some ways, not all are specifically directed at those with a disability.

Start an exercise program inside your home: is a website where you can access MP3 files that are free exercise programs. These files are geared to people with vision loss who have to rely on a fitness instructor who describes every movement but the files are available to anyone.

Become a gamer:

If you have enjoyed video games in the past but now have limited mobility, you can now join that world again with adaptive controllers. Xbox has a controller that is designed primarily to meet the needs of gamers with limited mobility and even has an adaptive gaming kit with several switches for a reasonable price. Xbox Adaptive Controller costs $99.99.

The Able Gamers Foundation can assist you on how to get back into gaming and even has grant funds available to help purchase accessible gaming equipment.

RJ Cooper is also a company that has adapted a console for gaming for either an Xbox 360 or PS3 for $218 for both the adaptation and controller.

Play a musical instrument:

Photo of young many with sunglasses using Jamboxx

Photo of Jamboxx provided by permission from Jamboxx

The Skoog Touch and Play Music Cube at $199.95 is a squishy musical box that connects to an iPad and allows the user to make music. There are buttons on all sides of the box that allow the user to create music with apps such as GarageBand, the Skoog apps, or Spotify by pounding, tapping, or pressing the sides.

Another device that will allow you to show off your musical ability is the Jamboxx Pro costing $399. This device looks to me a little like a souped-up harmonica. It requires little else besides mouth control using airflow. It can sound like a trumpet, saxophone, violin, guitar, drums, and more.

Travel virtually:

Websites like Earthcam or Google Earth allow you to travel at the click of a few keys? is a network of live streaming webcams. It can bring you directly into an interesting location where you may never be able to visit in person. Providing a virtual window to the world, users can freely explore the globe from unparalleled vantage points.

Google Earth allows you to zoom in from a planet view to a 360 degree photo of a very specific place. It also will give you information about the location and what is around the location.

When it gets a little warmer, plant a garden:

Ergonomically designed gardening tools

Adapted Garden Tools

My co-worker Tami wrote a blog on adaptive gardening in 2017. If you need even more ideas on adaptive tools, check out this health website.

The National Garden Bureau has a blog that even explains 10 Ways Adaptive Gardening Can Help You with great tips on how you can simplify and modify gardening.


Above are just a few ideas of ways to spend your time while you are unable to get out and about.  Stay safe.


DISCLAIMER: I have not tried the gaming systems or the musical devices described above. These devices may be found from other vendors or found in other catalogs.  Please be aware of all vendor exchange, return, and shipping policies before you purchase their devices.

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