Do you know that one third of American households are home to one or more residents 60 years or older? It is a good news/bad news story – the good news, Americans are living longer; the bad news, Americans are living longer.

What makes it bad news is the fact that with aging comes a change in abilities, which disrupts and places the person experiencing those changes at risk. The good news is that the use of assistive technology (AT) devices and services can decrease those risks and make staying home with age related changes possible, less disruptive, and safe.

IPAT staff fields calls, answers emails and meets with people experiencing age related changes daily. The common thread we note in all the inquiries is the desire to remain home, engaged and safe. Do you know that there are numerous AT devices available to do just that as hearing, vision and mobility skills decrease? There are, and we have created a booklet that will help you identify the areas and activities within the home that are often problematic. Use it to start a conversation about aging safely at home, and get some ideas for using AT as a support to living well and safely.

To discuss and explore AT devices in a home-like setting, visit IPAT’s Home First Showroom located at our Fargo office. It may be just what you need to spark ideas and see the potential of AT for someone you care about. For other ideas on how to begin making a home aging friendly, use these checklists developed by AARP and Rebuilding Together. With the use of AT our homes can become great places to grow up, live, and grow old.

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