Giving Hearts Day banner with Hero logo and Assistive logo
Giving Hearts Day banner

Assistive (formerly IPAT) is happy to announce that not only are we again participating in Giving Hearts Day on Feb. 8, 2018; we are also teaming up with HERO (Healthcare Equipment Recycling Organization) to promote the day.

Our two organizations work hand in hand to provide area residents with accessible, affordable healthcare equipment and assistive technology.  Together we make our community better by providing important resources for those in need.  This Giving Hearts Day you can be a HERO and make the impossible possible by donating to HERO and Assistive on Feb. 8, 2018!


Assistive has been busy this year trying to bring hope to those who need training, resources, and ideas on how assistive technology (AT) can help them become more independent.  We have made it our goal to close the gap between ability and disability.  As the primary assistive technology resource in the state, we are constantly following advances in the field so that we have the expertise to provide comprehensive, quality services.


One of our unique programs is our Possibilities Grant Program.  Individuals who are affected by a disability and/or aging often have expenses that are above and beyond what insurance and other funding programs will cover. This is where the Possibilities Grant Program steps in. With the funds raised through Giving Hearts Day and our fall fundraiser we’ve been able to purchase vision and hearing equipment, computer access tools, vehicle modifications, and communication devices for people who are eligible to receive funds.


This program helps make the purchase of assistive technology (AT) possible which promotes learning, independence, and quality of life for those who receive it. Below are some examples of how this program has benefitted people in our state.  Recipients have ranged in age from 3 years to 99 years, and their AT needs were representative of the disability spectrum. Together, we were able to make their possibilities a reality by purchasing AT to:

  • Alert a young mother with hearing loss when her baby is crying or someone is at her door by converting auditory information to vibration and/or visual signals;
  • Modify a vehicle to make travel possible for a person with a mobility impairment;
  • Make the transfer from a wheelchair to bed possible for a family caregiver;
  • Amplify the voice of a cancer survivor;
  • Assist a person with chronic pain to a standing position using a lift chair;
  • Provide a video magnifier to a lady with low vision to help her read pill bottles and cooking directions;
  • Carry out an AT assessment, and purchase a mobile device and mount for a person recently diagnosed with a progressive disease.

Giving Hearts Day balloonsGiving Hearts Day is scheduled for Thursday, February 8, 2018.  We are asking you to mark your calendar and help us make the Impossible Possible for those with disabilities in need of assistive technology.

 Donating on Giving Hearts Day is easy! Simply go to and follow the easy instructions. By visiting the website ahead of time, you can sign up to receive a calendar reminder on Giving Hearts Day ensuring that you don’t miss this exciting day of giving.


Together we can brighten the future of our seniors and community members with disabilities through life-changing, life-saving assistive technology devices and services.


All funds raised for Assistive during Giving Hearts Day will go directly towards the Possibilities Grant Program.


Thank you so much for your consideration and support of Assistive and HERO.