You have heard IPAT mention the Home First Showroom in previous blog postings.  The purpose of the Home First Showroom is to display various pieces of assistive technology (AT) in the natural environment.  Today, I am highlighting a few of the many AT solutions featured in the Bathroom area of the Home First Showroom.


White Bathtub Rail

White Bathtub RailThe White Bathtub Rail features a wide contact area to help disperse weight evenly.  This rail is ideal for use on fiberglass tubs.  It easily attaches to the bathtub with a mounting clamp and is designed to fit on most bathtubs.




Dual Level Bathtub Rail

Dual Level Bathtub RailThe Dual Level Bathtub Rail provides both a high and low gripping area.  Both gripping areas have a textured chrome finish that inhibits rust formation.  It has adjustable steel spring clamps for an accurate fit and is designed to fit on most bathtubs.




Sonaris Bathmaster

Sonaris BathmasterThe Sonaris Bathmaster helps individuals in and out of the bathtub.  The raising and lowering action of the battery-operated motor is activated by a person pressing the up and down pads on the hand controller.  The hand controller is triple sealed so it can be safely submersed under the water.  For added safety there are 4 suction cup feet that hold the lift securely in place.  You can select any angle of recline up to 40° to lower the upper body into the water to achieve the most comfortable position.


Shower Stool with Padded Rotating Seat

Shower Stool with Padded Rotating SeatThe Shower Stool has a rotating padded seat to reduce twisting and reaching while in the shower.  It rotates 360° and locks into place every 90°.  The seat can easily be removed for cleaning. The Shower Stool is ideal for individuals who have mobility or balance issues.




DuraGlide Transfer System

DuraGlide Transfer SystemThe DuraGlide is a bath/commode transfer system that can be adjusted to the level needed.  It can be used with any standard bathtub and fits easily over a standard commode for toileting.  When attached to the adjustable tub rails the seat rolls easily into the bathtub. The DuraGlide helps to ease heavy lifting and transfers.



The Shower Bay

The Shower BayThe Shower Bay was designed for the wheelchair user.  It is a portable shower that can be set-up in any room of the house and has a ramp that makes it easy to roll into and out of the shower with a shower wheelchair.  Once the unit is assembled, connect it to a standard water faucet, turn on the pump, and start enjoying the shower.  The Shower Bay is an ideal solution for anyone who may be in a rental unit and cannot modify their surroundings or for someone who cannot afford a bathroom renovation.  This is a great alternative for those who have difficulty using a standard shower.  Click here to see how The Shower Bay works.

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