IPAT recently had its unveiling of the Home First Showroom.  In previous blogs, I have mentioned various pieces of assistive technology (AT) for the bathroom and kitchen.  Today, I am going to highlight some AT featured in our bedroom/memory room.

Door Mural

Door Mural Picture







A door mural can be applied to any door making it appear to be a set of shelves rather than an exit.  It helps improve safety and reduce attempts to wander out of the home.  They are easy to install, simply peel off the adhesive back and attach to the door.  To read more about door murals click here.

SafePresence 200

The SafePresence 200 is a safety and alerting system that provides two-way communication between a person and their caregiver.  In addition to communication the SafePresence 200 can help alert to falls or wandering.  A sensor select switch on the device allows a caregiver to incorporate the use of a chair, bed, or floor sensor pad.  This pad will aid caregivers in monitoring wandering or falls. Check out the video below to see the SafePresence 200 in action.


Voice IR

The Voice IR is a voice activated remote control that can replace the remote of any device that uses infrared. You program a keyword for the device you are wanting to control and then you program commands.  For example you might use the command “volume up” to increase the volume of the TV.  Watch the video below to see how the Voice IR works.



Pocket Dresser Picture







The PocketDresser features 4 tools that fold into a pocket knife style for neat and easy storage.  The tools assist with a variety of buttoning and zipper needs.   This is a great piece of AT to help keep individuals independent with dressing. To read more about the PocketDresser click here where you can see additional pictures and video.


Contact IPAT for more information about the Home First Showroom or any of these items!

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