It’s time to think about going back to school.  There are the typical supplies needed: pencils, paper, calculators, binders, homework folders, etc.  If a student is entering junior high, there are many other things to consider: use of lockers, changing of classes, and implementation of new rules.  What if a student needs to use a locker but can’t use the typically seen dial locks that are installed on lockers?  Maybe there is a visual impairment the student has that would make using the dial type lock impossible to get open or maybe the student doesn’t have the dexterity to use a dial lock or a lock with a standard key.


Below are some options to secure your belongings instead of using your standard padlock.  Some of these options may not work with the lockers found in your school, so it would be best to work with your school to find an alternative solution and find out whether the school will provide the lock.  It might be that your school already has come across a product that will work with the current lockers.

Photo of Tactile Push Button Lock with 8 buttons on front of lock


Item: Tactile Push Button Combination Lock

Cost: approximately $15

Description: This Tactile Push-Button Combination Padlock is easy to operate by touch with tactile numbers (1-8) and a push-button design. Simply identify each tactile number in the 4-digit combination by touch and push down the corresponding buttons. Then toggle the switch on the bottom over, and the lock pops open. It’s a handy low vision combination lock for someone who is blind or visually impaired. The lock is made of durable metal with a sleek polished chrome-look case.

Directions: To open lock:
1. From the back of the lock, push all buttons forward
2. From the front of the lock, push in the four numbers of the combination in any order
3. Push lever on the bottom of the lock to the right to release latch
4. Pull body of lock away from shackle

To close lock:
1. Push shackle into lock body
2. Push all buttons in from the front of the lock
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Photo of Speed Dial lock.  The lock is blue and has a dial in the middle of the lock that can be pushed up, down, and across both ways.Item: Master Lock Speed Dial Combination Lock

Cost: approximately $12

Description: The Speed Dial Combination Padlock is quick and easy to open with only one hand without having to see small numbers or manipulate a dial as must be done with a traditional combination lock. Simply slide the dial up, down, left or right in a sequence you pre-set to open it.  It is a combination lock that opens on up/down/left/right directional movements

Directions:   Combination is a series of up-down-left-right moves.  Just slide dial in the sequence you pre-set.  The combination can be reset to any number of movements in any sequence

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Photo of padlock that has a fingerprint scanner in the middle of the front of the lock.Item: Tapplock One: Fingerprint Padlock

Cost: $99

Description: Here is a padlock that uses fingerprint technology, Morse-Code combinations, or your smartphone via Bluetooh to open the lock.  It looks like a heavy duty padlock with a small fingerprint scanning area in the middle of the lock.

Directions:  Fingerprint unlocking, smartphone unlocking, and backup Morse-Code unlocking by pressing long / short combinations on the power button

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Other options: Share smartphone access remotely with unlimited users. Set permanent access or limited access with flexible dates and times, and you are free to revoke access whenever you want. You can also track and monitor access history with time and location from the Tapplock app.  The rechargeable battery lasts up to a year without recharging.  This device will not work under negative 4 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are several brands out there for fingerprint access to padlocks.  Look for reviews on Amazon.



Photo of square lock with card scanner in the front of the lock.Item: Zephyr 2154 RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Lock

Cost: $128.95

Description:  This lock uses radio frequency identification from a card to open the lock.  It is ADA compliant.

Directions:  You have to press the center button and then move the RFID card, mini card on a lanyard, or wristband up to the front of the lock within 3 seconds to unlock it.

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Photo of Digilock device.  White device with small blue button in center.Item: Digilock DT-30 ADA Compliant Locker Deadbolt

Cost: $135.72

Description: The locks operate by touching a button key to the front contact pin, eliminating the need for pinching, grasping or turning of the wrist to operate the lock. Lock installations are easily managed with a Programming Button Key unique to the lock system or any registered Manager Button Key. This lock is designed for lockers with lift handles and vertical lock bars.

Directions: The user touches the assigned User Button Key to unlock the lock. The dead bolt will retract for 10 seconds, providing time to open the locker door before the bolt extends. The user closes the door to automatically lock.

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If you are looking for a lock that is different than the standard lock with a key or dial type lock, consider one of the locks mentioned above or do a little research and you’ll find many more options.  There is no reason to leave your supplies and books unsecured in your locker at school when there are so many options.  Welcome back to school!



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