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Photo of eyes

Great news for Android users! Be My Eyes, a free application that was only available for iOS devices is now available for Android users! Today marks the beginning of access to the app for those who have print disabilities and volunteers alike. I’ve waited and waited and now it’s finally here!


So what does the Be My Eyes mobile app do?  Through a smart phone or tablet, the Be My Eyes app allows a volunteer to lend their eyes to the user who cannot see or read. The app establishes a live video connection between the user and a sighted volunteer.  All the user has to do is point the camera of their device at what they are looking at, and the volunteer can help determine how to help.  It might be something as simple as reading the instructions on a soup can or something more complicated like asking the volunteer to help find items in a store or navigating new surroundings.



 What I like about the app for users who are visually impaired or print impaired?

  • The app is FREE!
  • The Be My Eyes website indicates that most requests for help are answered within a minute.
  • The app is easy to use; you just need to point your camera on your device at the item you need help with.
  • You don’t have to feel like you are bothering the volunteer because they can choose to answer the call or ignore it and the call goes to the next available volunteer.
  • Most people have their phone with them so it is not an extra device you need to carry around.
  • Both the user and the volunteer are anonymous.
  • The app lets you rate the volunteer to help them better serve someone in the future.
  • Be My Eyes is available in 90 different languages.


What I like about the app for volunteers?

  • I love that a person can choose to micro-volunteer time so easily. Most calls will only require a minute or two of a person’s time.
  • The volunteer can choose to ignore a call if they are busy and not feel as if they are letting someone down. There are more than ½ million volunteers signed up for the app.
  • Calls will only come to a volunteer during their daytime hours. Calls made in the middle of the night are directed to other time zones.


Our AT consultant Trish wrote a blog on this application when it first came out in 2015.  Here is the link.


So why not sign up?  The link to download this app is


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