The StoryTracfone and Bluetooth Keyboard

Life after a stroke may present a number of barriers. For Jane, two of these tests were little to no movement on her left side and the inability to speak. In order to find a telecommunications solution, she turned to IPAT. Jane wanted to communicate to her friends and loved ones through the use of a cell phone. The questions from Jane: How can I effectively “speak” to someone, and are there cell phone plans that are financially feasible?

The Solution

Tracfone ~ For her cell phone, Jane agreed the Tracfone would be her best option. The upfront cost would be minimal compared to most cell phones, and the main use would be communicating via text. Also, Jane would have the power to purchase airtime minutes as she used them.

Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard ~ With Jane’s Tracfone having Bluetooth capabilities, this opened the door to using an alternative keyboard rather than the one on the phone. A Bluetooth keyboard was paired with the phone giving Jane the ability to easily type her texts. The keyboard also folds for easy transport!

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