It never fails, regardless of where I go to talk about IPAT someone always asks, “How come I’ve never heard about you?” We would love to eliminate that phrase, and invite you to be part of making that happen.

How can you help IPAT become the worst kept secret?

Look at your calendar, do you have a staff meeting, support group or college class coming up that would benefit from hearing about IPAT? Break the silence, invite us in. How about an upcoming health fair, conference or community awareness event, need an exhibitor? Call  800-895-4728 or email  to see if we are available.

In October, your fellow North Dakotan’s did just that, and we were busy ‘spilling the beans’ about IPAT’s assistive technology services around the state. Here is a sampling of some of the audiences we encountered:

  • Standing Rock High School, students and faculty
  • Wahpeton Fall Extravaganza, senior citizens, community members
  • Northwestern Technical College, OTA students and teachers
  • Alliance Reality, realtors
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Statewide Conference, VR counselors, administrators, IL staff
  • Autism Conference, special educators, parents and related services personnel
  • Assistive Technology 101 – UND, OT students enrolled in their Master’s program

As you can see, our audiences are varied. That is because IPAT helps people of all ages and abilities use AT to do what they want to do. So, let us help you fill the need you have for educating staff, business/community organizations or students; and you will help us unveil the secret of IPAT services. We are ready, what are you waiting for?



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