Has there been a change in a family members abilities? Is that change making living in your current home difficult? Before you engage a Realtor, or hire  a contractor, check out this IPAT created resource, Home Design for Diverse Populations. Whether you are aiming to remodel your home, purchase an existing home, or build an new home, let us help you think about what might be needed as lifestyles change. We offer this resource as a springboard on how to think about your entry, consider accessibility solutions in your kitchen, and/or adding assistive technology (AT) devices to make your bathroom more usable. 

If you need to see things in order to really get how they would be beneficial, IPAT has created a simulated home environment in our Fargo officeIt showcases assistive technology devices that help people of all abilities remain engaged in household activities. We invite you to visit us there at no charge, to try out devices and get your individual questions about home accessibility needs answered. You are welcome to call 800-895-4728 to set up an appointment, drop in to explore options on your own, or use our iPad guided room-by-room device tour.


Our goal is to be here to help you get accurate information about AT and accessibility options during all stages of home planning. After meeting with us, it is up to you to let your contractor, real estate agent or home inspector know what is important to you, and offer ways to help them make it happen. AT is often overlooked when planning for environmental flexibility, so when your family’s needs change, look to us to help you remember it!


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