October is here and it’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month!

Since 1988, National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) has been an annual awareness campaign that takes place each October. The purpose of NDEAM is to educate about disability employment issues as well as celebrate the many varied contributions of those workers with disabilities. This year’s theme is “The Right Talent, Right Now”.

ND Assistive plays an important role in promoting NDEAM not just in October, but all year round. We connect people of all ages and all disabilities to assistive technology (AT) devices and services to help them learn in school, get back to work, access the community, and live safely and more independently in the home of their choice. AT devices can be vital to obtaining employment and improving daily work experience for those workers with a disability.

The US Census reports that North Dakota leads the nation in the employment of people with disabilities at 56.3%. This is great news, but there is still much to learn about ways to improve and expand employment opportunities for people with disabilities within the business community.

I’m always filled with gratitude when I see local businesses creating opportunities and hiring individuals with disabilities. Here is just one of the local businesses I support that empower employees with disabilities, and I was happy to see them in the news!  Take a look at this video from KFYR-TV.

Here is another great employer who hires people with disabilities located in Denver.

If you are an employer, please reconsider your hiring and recruitment practices. Let’s utilize ALL talented individuals. Give people with disabilities a chance to enhance your workplace.


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