The practice of staying hydrated is a key to good health. We know that water is a vital nutrient for humans, and unlike camels we are not able to store it. Therefore, it is critical for us to replenish our supply every day to maintain blood pressure, think clearly, eliminate waste, prevent infections and regulate body temperature. Unfortunately, for many people the intake of fluid is often difficult due to swallowing disorders, tremors, weak grasp, arthritis, limited movement or the use of alternative positioning devices.

If you or someone you know is having a hard time getting the fluid they need, look to assistive technology! There are numerous alternative drinking aids and systems available to make fluid intake possible for people with a wide range of conditions. Check out the Wonder-Flo cup if you are unable to draw liquid independently, or need to drink while laying down. If tremors or a weak grasp interfere with your hydration, try the Hand-to-Hand Mug with its large handle, over-sized base and contoured sides. The Thumbs-Up cup eliminates your need for wrist movement, stabilizes tremors and promotes the use of both hands when drinking. If grasping is not possible, the U Drink Adaptable Holder or the Easy Grip-in Mug may be your answer.

If these suggestions are not what you are looking for, you may find the Mealtime Partners Drinking Products listing to be a useful resource; they have mounting systems for wheelchairs and beds, cups that dispense a set amount of liquid and those that allow for the consumption of thickened liquids. If you are stuck for a drinking aid solution, contact IPAT, or if you have a favorite drinking aid we missed, let us know that too!


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