If you are someone who is hard-of-hearing or is deaf and have found it difficult to communicate with those around you, you might be able to use one of the following three applications on your phone or tablet.

Basically, the three applications below are ones that will produce speech to text on-the-go.

For no cost or a minimal cost, you can add one of these applications to a smartphone which would allow you to communicate in a variety of settings.


Examples of where these applications may come in handy:

  • Church
  • Board meeting
  • Doctor’s office
  • Bank
  • Any Face-to-Face interaction


Live CaptionLive Caption Application Logo

Cost:   Android $4.99
iOS free or $2.99/month unlimited

iOS and Android – both

Ability to change text and font? Yes

Need for Internet access or dataplan? iOS version needs internet or dataplan but Android supports offline speech recognition if you download the language file to your device.

Other languages besides English?  Changing the language on your phone will change the returned results to that language as well.  Works with every language that Google supports

Tips on how to use it can be found at http://www.livecaptionapp.com/tips


Deaf HelperLogo for Deaf Helper application

Cost: Free with Ads

Just Android

Ability to change text and font?  NO

Need for Internet access or dataplan?  NO

Seems slower than other two.  It actually waits for a pause in speech to print out the words.




Live TranscribeImage of person holding a cell phone with Live Transcribe app

Cost: Free

Just Android

Ability to change text and font? Yes

Need for Internet access or dataplan? Yes

Pretty fast and accurate; attempts to add punctuation

Other languages besides English? 70 languages and dialects of spoken language

Click here for Video


TAKEAWAY: l would encourage anyone to download one of these applications and try it out.  Anything in this world that offers assistance in the way of communication is needed.  To connect with another human, you must be able to communicate.