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One of the key principles in the assistive technology field is to use the simplest and most cost effective solution to achieve the desired task. An area that provides many options is the use of a computer mouse. Here is a link to a Google image search for “assistive technology computer mouse” to give you an idea.

An individual recently stated that he was having difficulty using his computer because he is unable to use his fingers for clicking due to a neurological disorder. He uses his arm and wrist for mouse movement and the base of his hand for clicking. With his standard left and right click mouse he has difficulty because he often clicks the button on the right side, which he does not need or want. Another factor to consider was that the surface he uses his mouse on works best with the old style roller ball mouse, so he wanted to continue using the mouse he already has. It was determined that we needed to disable the right click on the mouse for him to be successful. This would mean we needed to make modifications on how his mouse worked with the computer.

The solution recommended was a software program called X-Mouse Button Control. This free program allows for complete customization of mouse buttons to include being able to disable the right click button. Other possible options for button customizing with X-Mouse is to open a specific program, auto save with one button click, or turn a button into volume on/off.

With this easy download and setup process you too can customize the mouse you currently have to work better for you. Contact IPAT for information on this program or other ways to make using the computer more functional.

X-Mouse Button Control- http://www.highrez.co.uk/downloads/XMouseButtonControl.htm

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