Google Docs is an online application that millions of people use to create documents – much like Microsoft Word. The advantage to using Google Docs is users can access and edit their documents from anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet. Users can also invite others to view and/or edit the documents they create through email invitation. This ease and flexibility of use is why many schools in the US, and across the world, use Google Docs to write, edit, and share their work in the classroom.

Add-ons = more power!

As the popularity of Google Docs grows, with it, more ways to customize this powerful application have come available! Add-ons run inside Google Docs and allows users to add things like menu items, side bars, and other features to enhance the usability of the application.

In the classroom, add-ons give teachers and students the power to build a learning tool that will meet their individual needs. To see what I mean, check out this video featuring one teacher’s favorite add-ons for 2017.

One of My Favorite Add-Ons: Kaizena

With Kaizena users can provide feedback in new ways beyond text. Using voice comments on Google Docs users can provide feedback that students can listen to. This is great for students who are auditory learners, or those who might misinterpret written feedback. Hearing the inflection of the teacher’s voice may make all the difference when a student is given constructive criticism, and might make the writing process as a whole less frustrating. The possibilities with this app are huge, especially when applied to people who may struggle with writing and reading comprehension.


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