Years ago, I was working in Virginia with a young man who after an accident, returned to his family home as a wheel-chair user. The family had done various home modifications in preparation for his return, but overlooked the placement of the tap on his bathroom sink. It was set too far back for him to reach the water. I was fortunate enough to be working with a team of clever of do-it-your-selfers at the time, and we created a flat, long funnel out of an existing plastic bottle that carried the water to where he needed it.

Fast forward 30+ years. I received a call from a North Dakota family in the same predicament. They were planning to remodel the bathroom, but needed a solution for their recently injured daughter now. I explained the temporary fix I had been part of creating years ago, and they were on it. They asked if I had a picture, sadly I did not.

BUT, I did some searching and found one on Pinterest, and sent it along to the family.

Here it is – I admit, it might not be rocket-science, but it does in a pinch!

So remember, assistive technology (AT) is nothing more than that tool that allows a person with a disability to get the job done. It can be a simple home-made solution like this one, or a complex system of devices. If you know someone that needs a different way to do things, and think AT could be the answer, contact an IPAT AT consultant today.


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