Assistive technology (AT) solutions for children with disabilities under the age of 3 are opportunity makers! They provide a means for children to explore and interact with their world which promotes their intellectual and social growth. AT devices can range from simple adapted toys to iPads with developmentally appropriate apps.

Do you know that for children from birth to 3 years, both AT devices and AT services are available and can be funded under the Part C Early Intervention Program? They are, and the National Assistive Technology Advocacy Project (NATAP) describes these AT services on pages 8-10 of their Summer of 2013 newsletter. Young children with disabilities are prime candidates for achieving success through AT as it helps them to do the work of children. Check out this set of slides to see the range of AT that makes play, communication, language, mobility, literacy and computer access possible for young children with disabilities.

Do you know that in each of the 8 Human Service Center regions in North Dakota there is an Infant Development Program? There is, and this link will provide you with the specifics for each Region, beginning on page 27. For more information on Infant Development services in our state, contact Tina Bay at call 701-328-8966 or visit the Department of Human Services website.

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