The Home First Showroom takes what can be an intimidating piece of technology and turns it into an inviting tool by providing a comfortable home environment during assistive technology exploration.

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In October of 2013 IPAT opened the Home First Showroom in Fargo, ND. The Home First Showroom is a “real home” environment where people can explore and try out different types of assistive technology (AT) devices to help them stay safe and active in their own home for as long as possible. Unlike any other AT demonstration space in the nation, the Home First Showroom boasts the special ability to help people visualize and understand exactly how AT could fit into their own home.

Since opening the Home First Showroom, IPAT has experienced an influx of people visiting our office to discover and explore AT options for independence. Right away the power and impact of the Home First Showroom on people who visited was evident.


The Home First Showroom had one BIG problem: How could we share the power of the Home First Showroom with people who cannot visit the Fargo office because of limitations due to disability or location?

Home First Showroom entrance

IPAT’s Home First Showroom App

In June of  2014 IPAT created the Home First Showroom app. The app gives individuals an opportunity to visit the Home First Showroom through a virtual tour on an iPad.

IPAT has recently RELAUNCHED the app and loves the results! The new version features more AT, videos, and a fully accessible experience!

Watch the tutorial video below to see IPAT’s Home First Showroom app in action!

IPAT’s Home First Showroom YouTube Channel!

Not everyone has access to an iPad, so IPAT created the IPAT’s Home First Showroom YouTube Channel that has all the same Home First Showroom app AT videos just a click away! The only thing needed is a computer or digital device with access to the internet or a wireless data plan.

Screen shot of IPAT's Home First Showroom YouTube Channel home screen

IPAT’s Home First Showroom Anywhere! 

If a North Dakotan does not have access to the internet or a wireless data plan, IPAT will do whatever they can to get the Home First Showroom in their hands. Some ways we can share the Home First Showroom is through:

  • DVD
  • Download onto a USB Flash-drive
  • Direct download onto a computer or laptop
  • Informational booklet

If there is a will, IPAT will find a way!


For questions about IPAT’s Home First Showroom, or our Home First services, feel free to contact IPAT!

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