According to Venkat Rao’s Assistive Technology Blog, one I read often, a Texas man is providing a great service to people who are Deaf and use American Sign Language (ASL).  Alex Abenchuchan from Austin hosts The Daily Moth YouTube Channel where he provides “trending stories and Deaf topics with a twist of humor and Deaf culture,” all signed in ASL.  The Texan’s efforts have been generously supported by his fans through a gofundme page, which may help him continue his work that he started nearly two years ago.

For more information on the work of Mr. Abenchuchan, check out the Daily Moth Website, and for more great assistive technology blogs, check Rao’s Assistive Technology Blog.




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Jeannie Krull is the Program Manager for ND Assistive (formerly IPAT). She is an ASHA certified speech/language pathologist and a RESNA certified Assistive Technology Professional, who has worked with people with disabilities of all ages since 1991.