Giant RainbowI was recently contacted by a business looking for a larger mouse cursor, so their employee with low vision could easily locate it on the screen.  They reported that the built-in cursor offerings from Windows were just not big enough.  After a little research, I found them a solution and thought I would share it with you.

The following sites offer free cursors with a variety of colors, sizes, and many with animations.  I even found one that I am partial to from Real World Graphics called Giant Rainbow, which is not only easy to see, but brightens my day, as well!

To use, you simply download and copy them into your cursor file: C Drive>Windows>Cursors. Then go into Mouse Properties of the Control Panel and click on Browse.  Scroll down, find the new ones you copied, click on the one you like and click Apply.  Here are a few links that I tried:

  • Washington State School for the Blind has a colorful, large set for download.
  • RW-Designer has a very big library of  cursors/pointers with some nice large and colorful ones to try, many are animated.  When you search, use terms like “Big, Jumbo, Giant, and Large” in their search box.
  • Athena has one file of large cursors to choose from.
  • Ace Center has several large pointers/cursors, many with animations.  The installation process is a little different with these cursors, but they still end up in your Cursors folder.  Just follow the directions.

Have fun with your new look!

About Author

Jeannie Krull is the Program Director for ND Assistive (formerly IPAT). She is an ASHA certified speech/language pathologist and a RESNA certified Assistive Technology Professional, who has worked with people with disabilities of all ages since 1991.