Many of our readers and consumers are familiar with a CapTel Captioned Telephone, which is a phone that displays the words a caller says throughout the conversation. However, oneHamilton CapTel particular IPAT consumer wanted the same service . . . . . on his smartphone! Due to a work-related incident, this gentleman has cochlear implants and difficulty hearing, but the ability to use a smartphone. Enter the Hamilton CapTel App – allowing those with hearing barriers to listen to the phone conversation while reading the words on a smartphone of what’s being said. After a quick download from the Google Play store on his Android device, the registration process was very efficient. As a test, a present family member walked to a room adjacent to the IPAT demonstration center, called, and the captions appeared on the phone! This proved to me a wonderful solution for a savvy smartphone user with a hearing barrier. Contact IPAT today to learn more!

CapTel App Requirements

  • Hamilton CapTel account
  • Voice plan
  • Data plan
  • Simultaneous voice and data capability
  • Headset (wired or Bluetooth) that works with hearing aids or cochlear implants
  • Wi-fi (optional)

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