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I Need a Stand for My Echo Show!

August 28, 2020

A few weeks ago, I had a call from a daughter whose father was in a nursing facility.  He had an Echo Show but needed some kind of stand or way to mount it.  The facility didn’t want to put it on his rolling table because of the need to move it while it was plugged in and the cord would get tangled.

While researching the issue, I came across quite a few options for devices that I’d like to share.  Included are just some examples of ways to mount your Echo Show for better viewing when you are video chatting.  There are so many more ways to mount a tablet or other video-conferencing device, so please call us if you have questions about other mounting systems.

Mounted stand for wall with an Echo Show mounted on it

Wall mount for Echo – Photo: Amazon

Wall Mount for Echo:

This wall mount was the perfect solution for the father.  The nursing home mounted the Echo Show on the wall next to his bed where the daughter could “drop-in” and see and talk to him in his bed anytime.  This mount will swivel and tilt which allows for customization.




Steel-mounted AV shelf:

This shelf can hold up to 15 pounds and really looks sleek.  This one doesn’t rotate like the previous mount but has plenty of room to hold the device at any angle.


Echo Show on a small stand on a table

Echo rotating tilt stand – Photo: Amazon

Echo rotating tilt stand:

This is a customized stand which can tilt and rotate 360 degrees.  This particular one fits a Echo Show 2nd Generation.  This stand would work really well on a countertop or table.




Echo Twist Tripod: – Photo Amazon

 Echo Flex Tripod stand:

This stand looks like a tripod stand for a camera.  It has flexible tripod legs which allow you to adjust the height, and the legs will even wrap around a bedrail or other surfaces.  The stand works with Echo Show 8.


Mount It! Laptop Desk mount:

This mount could be clamped on a wheelchair or bed and hold any number of devices, including a laptop.  If a person wanted to mount the Echo Show on it, he could use Dual Lock tape to hold the Echo Show on the stand.


Levo stand is holding a laptop by a chair

Levo stand – Photo: Levo

Levo stand:

This stand can be considered bulky but could be moved around the room when you need it.  These stands usually hold a computer or tablet but could be used with an Echo Show if you used Dual Lock tape.  They can be lowered or raised to fit any sitting position or even for someone who is laying flat.


This is a small list of ideas for mounting devices.  Please call us at 800-895-4728 if you have questions or need other suggestions!

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