~ The Story ~

A Bismarck, ND lady was experiencing significant age-related hearing and vision barriers. As a result, her daughter from Minnesota was unable to have fulfilling conversations over the phone with her.  Looking for a solution, her daughter reached out to IPAT to solve the issue in an attempt to also pull her mother out of communication isolation. After a consultation with an IPAT Assistive Technology consultant, it was found her mother was a perfect fit for the iCanConnect program. iCanConnect serves people from a wide range of backgrounds, including older people who have lost their sight and hearing later in life, people with Usher and CHARGE Syndromes, and other with combined vision and hearing.

~ The Equipment ~

Due to her eligibility, the consumer was able to receive the equipment at no cost to her or her family! Although trivial to some, the equipment (shown below) was a great fit. The enlarged numbers and increased amplification of the phone allowed her to once again navigate and have enjoyable conversations. The phone was also equipped with a strobe flasher, which emits light when the phone is ringing. Finally, an amplified answering machine bridges the gap when calls are missed.

If you or someone you know can benefit from the iCanConnect program, Contact IPAT today!

I Can Connect Equipment


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