iPad cases, stands and mountsOne sees iPads everywhere, and with applications available to meet a variety of special needs, it is fast becoming a platform of choice for people with disabilities. As iPad use continues to increase for this population, so do the number of device protection and stabilizing options offered. To help you sort through the myriad of cases, stands and mounts, here is a simple grid to begin your sorting process.

The grid identifies 39 iPad cases. A picture of each case is provided, along with it’s name, price and website link for further information. In addition, you will find 7 stands and mounts with a picture, name, price and website link.

If you have, or are an iPad user in need of a case, stand or mount, use this grid to begin searching for the iPad accessory that will meet your needs. If you are unsure about what features to look for, think about the end-users need for durability, home button access, screen protection, strap, handle, amplification, stand, color preference and/or added weight. Then add those features to the grid, and begin your systematic feature-match process. Remember IPAT has iPads with cases, stands and mounts available for trial use through our Equipment Loan Library.

Do you have a particular case, stand or mount that was missed? Let us know!


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