With cold, snow, and ice soon to make a prolonged visit in North Dakota, last week WDAY’s First News morning show engaged its viewers with the topic of winter preparedness. Through a quick google search about winter safety, WDAY news anchor Becky Parker was greeted by IPAT’s blog post Bundle Up with Assistive Technology (AT) for the Winter Season! Parker easily realized the benefit AT brings those with disabilities during the winter season and contacted IPAT. A few phone calls later and IPAT was scheduled to appear on WDAY’s First News morning show via four 2 minute segments live from IPAT’s Home First Showroom. IPAT invited Milton Ota, an individual who uses VoiceOver and Siri on his iPhone due to blindness, to join us on the show and demonstrate how he uses AT to check the weather wherever he is at. We also discussed AT for controlling a thermostat, telecommunications, and mobility on icy or snowy ground.

AT Consultant Trish Floyd demonstrates the CapTel phone to anchor Becky Parker.

IPAT AT Consultant Trish Floyd demonstrates the CapTel 880i while WDAY news anchor Becky Parker observes.

Milton Ota demonstrates the built-in accessibility features on his iPhone to anchor Becky Parker.

WDAY news anchor Becky Parker introducing Milton Ota before his demonstration on using his iPhone and Siri to check the weather.

Unfortunately the segments from the WDAY First News morning show where not shared on WDAY’s website. However, footage from the morning made the evening news. You can find a link to that footage and an article here: http://www.wday.com/news/3875941-ipat-offers-assistive-technology-winter


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