My wife and I would like to tell you about how we found and used IPAT services. We hope you find our story helpful, and more importantly that you remember to use IPAT when activities like hearing on the phone, getting up from a chair, or reading a book become harder for you. We discovered IPAT when they provided help to my mother who had difficulty with mobility, and when my wife’s hearing became more problematic, I called IPAT’s Fargo office to see if they could help her.

They told me about their Bismarck Technology Access Center, and extended an invitation to visit. Diane and I headed in, and were amazed by the array of devices available to help people, I had no idea so many tools were out there! We spent time with Peggy, exploring a number of telephone options to make Diane more successful hearing on the phone. The process was simple, we talked about what was not working for her and then tried a number of telephones. We came away with two great solutions. At work Diane has a CapTel phone which converts what the caller is saying to text for her to read, and at home she is using the Hear All cell phone amplifier by Serene. What a difference these tools have made, just ask our grand-kids!

People are often curious about what Diane is using, and we are happy to share our IPAT experience. Don’t put off seeing what might be of help to you, go to IPAT and talk about what is now harder for you, and I bet they’ll have a solution. This program benefits society by making every-day tasks do-able for those of us no longer in the blush of our youth – what a win-win!

Harvey and Diane Schilling – Bismarck, ND

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