Have a hearing loss?  Need an amplified phone? No landline? No problem! Use your existing cellphone service to connect via Bluetooth to the landline-style phones below.  These phones offer the look, feel, and features of a landline phone without requiring landline phone service.


Claritycl-sempre Sempre

An amplified, corded phone that provides 53 dB of amplification, has a 100 dB ringer with visual indicator, and has large backlit buttons.





Clarity BT914 

An amplified, cordless phone that provides 40 dB of amplification, has a loud ringer with ten different ringtone options, and can be paired with two Bluetooth cellphones.

ClearSounds A1600BT

An amplified, cordless phone that provides 50 dB of amplification, has an 85 dB ringer with visual indicator light, and eight photo memory buttons for easy dialing.

Check out this handy chart that compares the features of these phones: Landline Style Phones that Use Wireless Telephone Service Via Bluetooth

These phones are available through the Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Service and iCanConnect Program and are also available for demonstration at our centers. Call 1-800-895-4728 or email ipatinfo@ndipat.org for more information.

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