If you are experiencing a loss of both vision and hearing IPAT can help you find, and if eligible, provide the equipment that works for your unique telecommunication needs. We were certified in July of 2012 by the Federal Communications Commission to provide specialized equipment through the National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program, iCanConnect. The goal of this program is to make telecommunication devices available to North Dakotan’s with deaf-blindness so they can communicate using the phone, email and/or the Internet.

Some of your fellow state residents have already benefited from the services offered through iCanConnect. How did they make it happen? They connected with IPAT directly, or through a family member, friend or service provider to submit an application. We reviewed it, and then got in touch with the applicant or an individual of their choosing to begin the process of determining their telecommunications equipment match.

The telecommunications equipment selected is always based on individual needs, and the items below represent a small sampling of the unique devices that have been provided to keep people connected.

  • Bluetooth streaming device, the Phonak ComPilot. This equipment was provided for its ability to increase the volume of cell phone callers voices directly to the recipients existing hearing aids.
  • The CapTel phone and training on how to access and use the free relay service. This telecommunications device provided a text version of what other person was saying in addition to the amplified audio version. The recipient could now read and listen for increased understanding using ND Relay.
  • The Logitech HD Pro webcam, enabling the use of a free video calling service Skype, and a pair of external computer speakers to amplify the audio portion of calls. These devices along with an existing computer, made telecommunications possible for the end-user in both sign language and spoken voice.

Don’t let hearing and vision losses stop you from remaining independent and staying in touch with those you care about – contact IPAT to see what telecommunication options might help you to stay connected. If you would like a 8 x 10 poster to hang in your community to help others learn about this telecommunications opportunity, call Courtney at 800-895-4728 and ask for yours today.

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