Photo of a wireless phone jackWhen families down-size, they often overlook things like available phone jacks in their new environment. This happened to a family I was working with who required specialized phones due to the significant hearing loss of one of its members.

After moving her parents into a senior-living apartment, I received a call from a very anxious daughter, who expressed concern about the lack of a phone jack in her parents’ new bedroom.

So what is a family to do?

Enter the wireless phone jack! This simple device converts any electrical outlet to a wireless phone jack, for either corded or cordless phones. Instead of having to use a 1 to 2 line T adapter and run a length of telephone cord from the existing phone and phone jack to where a second phone is needed, just use this device.

The process is simple and fast. Just plug the device into the AC outlet, plug the phone cord into the jack, and the phone into a power outlet – done! This wireless jack eliminates the tripping hazard posed when a telephone cord snakes from one room to another, and makes placing and answering calls from different locations within the home safe and easy.

If you are in need of a specialized phone due to hearing, vision, mobility or speech losses contact IPAT. We administer the Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Service for the state, and a specialized phone could be yours at no cost if you meet the eligibility criteria. Check it out here.

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