U-step Walker

From the U-step Website: http://www.ustep.com/

Do you have Parkinson’s and have difficulty walking?  The Marv Bossart Foundation for Parkinson’s Support offers free U-Step Walkers (see more information below) through HERO in Fargo.  They do this as part of their mission to make sure every Parkinson’s patient who is at risk of falling due to balance and stability issues does not go without this lifesaving walker even if they cannot afford it.

Qualifications for the Program

To qualify for this program, individuals must:

  • Have a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis;
  • Have a doctor’s prescription for a U-Step Walker;
  • Qualify under HERO’s low-income guidelines; and
  • Fill out the necessary paperwork.


For more information and to see if you qualify, contact Georgia Dufault at HERO at 701-212-1921 or georgia@herofargo.org or Liz Bossart Mathison at info@marvbossartfoundation.org.

The U-Step Walker

This specialized walker is different from traditional walkers in that it provides a U-shaped brace that surrounds and stabilizes the person in every direction. Due to the wheel placement, it can turn in a 29 inch radius versus a typical 50 inch radius allowing for people to turn in tight areas. With the reverse braking system, the walker will not roll until the person squeezes the brake.

The last feature of the U-Step Walker that I would like to touch on is my favorite-the optional Laser and Sound Cueing Module.  This module is an add-on for anyone with an irregular walking pattern, especially those who experience “freezing”. With the push of a button, the module can help a person get started with walking by “projecting a bright red laser line on the floor to guide each step”.  A sound feature can also be turned on to “set a beat pattern for walking speed”.

You can see these features and more in the video below and on the U-Step Website.

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