One of the lesser known, but perhaps most important, features of Apple’s iOS 8 is a digital “Medical ID”, which can provide important personal health-related information in the event of an iPhone Medical IDemergency. Users can configure it by following these steps: Launch Health app > Tap Medical ID > Choose Create Medical ID. A number of items (shown below) can be added to the Medical ID including allergies, medications, and emergency contacts. The Medical ID can be accessed even when the phone is locked. For instance, when the end user has the phone, they may tap Emergency in the lower left corner to either make a call in emergency mode, or to access the Medical ID. Furthermore, if an emergency contact is listed within the ID, they may dial by tapping the phone icon next to the contact. The below video shows a wonderful step-by-step process of the Medical ID.

Medical ID Options



Date of Birth

Medical Conditions

Medical Notes

Allergies & Reactions


Emergency Contact

Blood Type

Organ Donor



The information is not included in Health Data or shared with other apps.

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