I love everything about being an Assistive Technology (AT) Consultant. Everyday I come to work having absolutely no idea who might come through the IPAT doors, or what AT solutions I will be asked to help find. With each AT related experience I face, I gain a new insight and perspective that impacts me professionally and personally. My strategy when taking on an AT challenge, big or small, is to think outside the box and get my hands dirty! (Figuratively speaking, well… sometimes.)

When I find other AT entities out there who share my same passion and open-armed approach towards challenges, I get really excited! I compare my excitement to that of a seven year old who has caught a fish for the first time, or climbed their first tree, or rode their bike without training wheels — an unadulterated joy! (Okay, I might be slightly exaggerating, but you get the point!) Much like a joyful seven year old, I cannot wait to share my story or find with whoever will listen! Today that amazing AT find is OneSwitch.org.uk

oneswitch.org.uk home-page. It has a black background with white text. The web-site has a very outer space like feel to it.

Why I love OneSwitch.

Barrie Ellis created OneSwitch because he saw the huge impact AT specific to switch access and entertainment made on the people he worked with and wanted to create a place where he could share his FREE AT hacks, creations, and finds with others. Ellis says it best,

“I wanted to promote knowledge around fun things severely learning disabled people can get actively involved with. The most important thing this web-site may achieve is to promote the inclusion of some of the most excluded people in society today. This of course needs the co-operation of families, friends, professionals and the public. The terms for describing disability seem to change around the world and generations. I like the thinking that a person is disabled by their environment rather than their condition. I also believe that there should be greater celebration of difference in life – it makes the world a much better place to be in.”

What Does OneSwitch Offer?

Up-to-date content. Ellis has committed at least one day per week to assuring OneSwitch is updated with his latest and greatest finds.

A place to discover. OneSwitch provides an easy-to-navigate platform for brainstorming AT possibilities.

Free stuff! OneSwitch offers free DIY tutorials, switch related articles, and an online library that offers over 100 downloadable one-switch games.

Affordable online store. OneSwitch’s online store offers a few adaptive equipment pieces that can be used with standard disability switches and sensors. It also provides links to other devices and vendors who sell assistive technology.

Now what?

Go check it out! Expand your AT knowledge, get your hands dirty, keep an open mind, and have some fun while you’re at it!




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