The winter months usher in an exciting time of year – especially for IPAT. Pedaling for Possibilities, IPAT’s annual stationary bike race and fundraising event, presents an opportunity for individuals who are in need of Assistive Technology (AT), in North Dakota and Moorehead, MN, a chance to make their AT need a reality. The dollars raised by the February event allows individuals with disabilities an opportunity to start a new chapter in their lives, aided by AT.

With that said, Pedaling for Possibiliites would be nothing without the people who create it. “Possibility Maker” is the enduring term IPAT has given the individuals who are the engine behind making Pedaling for Possibilities an AT funding avenue.  Creating or joining a bike team, becoming a sponsor, or donating through our website are just a few of many ways our Possibility Makers give to the event. 


Take a look at a few possibilities realized from the giving of our Possibility Makers!

 Cass County:

A 2 year old boy with Down Syndrome, the youngest Pedaling for Possibilities recipient to date,
received an iPad to increase and expand his communication, motor, and social skills.

Burleigh County:

A 22 year old woman with adult ADHD, short-term memory issues, and limited concentration
received an iPod Touch to help her get to appointments and classes on time, make to-do lists,
keep track of things, and use the alarm feature for organization.

Nelson County:

A 95 year old woman with a hearing loss received hearing aids, and she can now hear her family
when they visit, and engage in conversations in the commons area of her apartment building.


 See a full list of possibilities realized here and here.

Become a Possibility Maker yourself! Visit our Pedaling for Possibilities page to see how you can help,  call IPAT at 1.800.895.4728 for more information, or click the link below to make a donation!



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