Some of my favorite assistive technology solutions are low-tech gadgets that make a huge impact in everyday independence. No one wants to ask for help when it comes to self-care, but for those with arthritis, limited reaching abilities, or difficulties bending over, self-care can be the most challenging part of the day.

In this blog you will find highly rated long handled aids for daily living along with product reviews from consumers who use these devices everyday.


Long Handled Hair Brushes and Combs

Long handled hair brushes and combs have extended handles that are comfortable to hold. They allow users with limited reach the ability to reach the top and back of their head to comb their hair.

I have R.A. and avascular necrosis (death of the bone) of my shoulders, and I haven’t been able to comb my own hair in a couple years, this combs helps me to do it now! I have very long hair too, so it really makes it a lot easier! -Tonya R.

2 BodyCare long handled brushes next to 2 BodyCare long handled combs










Long Handled Razor Holder

A long handled razor holder assists a person so they can shave their legs if they have a hard time reaching down. It can be useful during pregnancy or after a hip operation, or may be useful for extending the reach of other tools as well such as dusters, paint brushes, and more.

I received this item recently and tried it yesterday. Hands down, this is my favorite in my arsenal of things I use to assist me since my hips are so painful and stiff. It is a well designed product, simple to use, and works exactly how it is supposed to. I used a brand new razor and in short order had smooth legs without one scratch. – DeeDee B.

Woman using long handled razor holder to shave her legs












Long Handled Bathroom Sponges

Long handled bathroom sponges have extended handles that are comfortable to hold. The EasyComforts Piece Body Care System featured in the pictures below has a 19″ folding handle with four interchangeable heads: sponge, pumice, loofah, and lotion applicator. It also includes 10 lotion application pads. The long handle allows users to reach to access and clean parts of their body otherwise hard to get to due to injury or disability.

 I needed a sponge to use after hip replacement (can’t bend over for quite a while) and the ones they usually put in ‘hip kits’ just didn’t look like they would last one shower. I searched around and read the reviews on multiple options and this was the only one that looked strong enough and long enough. I also have been using the ‘lotion’ part to put lotion on my feet since I couldn’t reach them for a while. Works very well. – Sandy M.

5 long handled bathroom sponge accessories








Long handled bathroom sponge reaching more than half way down user's back











Long Handled Shoe Horn

Long handled shoe horns allow users to slip on their shoe without bending over. The shoe horn featured below is 24″ long and made of a sturdy plastic.

I’ve had back and joint issues for a long time and after a car accident bending over was not possible. I had to get my husband or kids to help me get dressed and put on my shoes. Now with this wonderful 2 foot tall shoe horn the problems are less. I can put on my shoes by myself. – Dixie L. 

Person using long handled shoe horn to put on shoe










Long Handled Toenail Scissors 

Long handled toenail scissors help people with arthritis or those who have difficulty bending to reach their feet to more easily clip their toenails.

As a caretaker for someone who is disabled, I’m always on the look out for something that might be helpful for them to use. I figured these nail scissors would help them reach their toe nails. These scissors make a great solution for the most part. They are long and can reach from a sitting position with little bending, which is good as they cannot bend. They are fairly strong and seemed to cut most of the nails pretty well, they only had a little trouble on the big toe, but it still worked after a couple of tries. – K. Bug

Woman using long handled toe nail clipper to trim her toe nails










Long Handled Dressing Stick

This 27″ dressing stick is perfect for assisting in putting on or taking off clothing and the plastic vinyl coated tip ensures that it will not cause any damage to your clothing. The added zipper hook makes it easy to pull a zipper up and down.

As I am 81 years old, mercifully I have been spared (so far at least) from the inconveniences of arthritis, although I do tend to complain from time to time that everything about me either creaks or leaks. As I have aged, certain joints tend to be less accommodating than they have in the past. Knees hurt, especially in cold weather, so that bending them to carry out simple tasks like putting my socks can be uncomfortable. The big hooks on one end of this tool make managing my socks much easier — putting them on or off. The larger hooks also make managing getting a jacket off the coatrack, and putting it on much easier. Although the only things I wear that have zippers are items that I manage from the front, I can see how the zipper hook at the other end of the stick could be helpful for someone pulling up a zipper in the back of something. – David H.




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