The RollerMouse by Contour is an ergonomic alternative to the traditional computer mouse. It’s a mouse which moves a cursor around your screen which you control by moving a hollow tube around on a metal bar. If you want the cursor to move up, you rotate the tube away from you, and down you move it toward you. If you want it to move side-to-side, or diagonally, you move the tube side-to-side or in a circular motion on the bar. If you want to click, you can push down on the bar, or use a physical button. It’s ambidextrous, can work with any surface of your hand, and can be operated rather effectively with your hands still on the keyboard.  It sits directly in front of your keyboard.  Every movement is made from a central position. This could benefit people with a disability such as Parkinson’s, arthritis, cerebral palsy, etc.  The traditional mouse forces you to use your arms, back, shoulders, neck, hands and wrists to move the cursor on a computer screen. The RollerMouse eliminates those unnecessary movements, and makes required movements as precise, comfortable and effortless as possible. Keyboard risers are included with each model to make transition from mouse to keyboard, smooth and level. All styles are compatible with PC or Mac.

Let’s look at the different styles and features of the RollerMouse.

The RollerMouse Red has the largest diameter sleeve (covering the hollow tube on the metal bar) of all the models.  It has textured micro dots for increased tactile sensation, control and accuracy.

The RollerMouse Red Plus has additional palm support and offers longer and smoother transition from desk to RollerMouse and keyboard.  It provides additional comfort for users with larger hands and longer fingers.

The RollerMouse Free 2 has a lower profile.  At 19.5 mm, it is easier to maintain a proper ergonomic position while working at the computer.  Its low height and slim design fits most keyboards.  It’s ideal for users with larger hands and broader shoulders.

The RollerMouse Free 3 has the added benefits of more speed, extra buttons and optional wireless technology.  The cursor speed selections range from 600 to 2800 dpi. RollerMouse Free3 features a new type of sensor located underneath the rollerbar, allowing for more precise cursor movements. The Free models have a slimmer roller bar than the Reds.

The RollerMouse Pro2 can work in 2 modes.  When working in Pro mouse mode, which is the default setting, you can choose between 750 or 1250 dpi as the cursor speed.  The Standard mouse mode is recommended for more experienced users and has the cursor speed set to 1250 dpi.

I’ve used the RollerMouse Red for 7+ months and I really like the ease of use, and the economy of movement in accessing my computer.  You might want to give this alternative mouse, a “roll!”

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