I have a confession to make: I am addicted to my mobile technology, to include a smartphone and also a tablet. For the most part I have one device with me at all times (sometimes two). The reason for this is pretty simple. I use these devices for a variety of things: email, texting, reading books and magazines, the internet for all its possibilities, games, alarm clocks and timers, reference guides, flashlight, maps, camera, calendar… the list goes on and on. The mobile devices that we use have replaced many things and is packaged into a small thin device for us to take advantage of.

A segment of the population that is starting to take notice is seniors. The choices of off the shelf technology and that specifically designed for seniors is growing. The features provided by mobile devices make it particularly beneficial for seniors as the likelihood of a vision, hearing, memory, or dexterity loss increases as we age. The ability to have a device that can make text larger, amplify sound, provide reminders, and be customized for easier use (to name just a few uses)  is great for everyone.

Take a look below at  devices that are specifically targeted to the senior population. If you are working with someone and you think a mobile device is something that could be beneficial, talk to IPAT about the possibilities.


Claris Companion from Claris Healthcare



Here is a link to a well done article by Amanda Kooser at CNET talking about the Companion: Claris Companion


Memo by MemoTouch



iN-TOUCH Tablet for Seniors



















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