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Imagine that you have found yourself in need of assistive technology. Maybe age has dimmed your vision, a car accident has limited your mobility, or you have been diagnosed with a learning disability. These scenarios are typical reasons people contact IPAT to discuss AT options, try out various solutions, and decide that a device is needed. It is when a device is found to improve function that funding questions often arise, and even though the person needing the AT device finds it priceless, it is seldom free.

There are many funding avenues available for the purchase of AT, but you need to know where to start looking.  A good place to do that is the Assistive Technology Industry Association website. Once there, you will find numerous resources listed under a broad umbrella of categories. They include organizations, insurance options, federal and state programs, special education, vocational rehabilitation, employers, veterans administration, and no-or-low interest loans. For each funding resource there will  be criteria the end-user will need to meet; it might be the persons age, the setting where the AT will be used, or the disability itself.

If you have specific AT funding questions, call IPAT at 800-895-4728 and we will help you find answers.

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