There are many mobile device stands available, either homemade or off-the-shelf, that allow a person with vision loss to turn their tablet into a low-cost video magnifier with either the built-in camera app or a magnifying app such as Vision Assist.  The majority of these, however, require one to either stand up to view the screen or hook their tablet to a TV or monitor to view.  The Justand is a mobile device stand that allows you to also use your iPad or other tablet as a video magnifier while you sit in your nice comfy chair.  

With just a quick push of the Justand arm, as seen in the video below, you can view your mobile device screen from a standing or seated position.  This stand is constructed of nice heavy metal and is very sturdy. It has an adjustable sliding, cushioned holder that adjusts to fit most mobile devices, with or without a case.

Currently the Justand is only $89!  When comparing that to the cost of a desktop or portable video magnifier, it could definitely be a low-cost solution for some people with low vision, especially if they already own a tablet.  If you would like to see this stand and find out if it will work for you, we have one available at each of the Fargo and Bismarck IPAT Demonstration Centers. Give us a call to schedule a demonstration time: 800-895-4728.


About Author

Jeannie Krull is the Program Director for ND Assistive (formerly IPAT). She is an ASHA certified speech/language pathologist and a RESNA certified Assistive Technology Professional, who has worked with people with disabilities of all ages since 1991.