A few months ago we were assisting a client who has Parkinson’s disease, and his challenge was having to take medication during the night. He is a heavy sleeper who also is hard-of-hearing and didn’t want a loud alarm during the night, waking his wife.   We ended up with a good compromise for this couple. The device he is using is the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock for Deepest Sleepers.  He received this clock through the Senior Safety Program (information is at the bottom of the page).

What I like about this alarm clock

  • The 12 volt bedshaker will wake up almost anyone. It can be used under a pillow, under the sheets, or under the mattress.
  • The alarm is extra loud (113 db) but can be turned off in case you don’t want to wake your partner. The tone and volume can be adjusted.
  • This clock is easy to set.
  • A battery backup is available.
  • There is a dimmer for the time on the clock.
  • This clock is relatively inexpensive ($33 on Amazon).


What I wish were different on this alarm clock

  • I wish there were more than 2 alarms

If you are looking for other options, check out the blog entry by Courtney from our organization.

Funding Help through the Senior Safety Program

ND Assistive’s Senior Safety Program may be able to provide you with items such as the Sonic Bomb to help keep you safe in your home.  If you feel you are a good candidate for this program, please complete the Senior Safety Request Form available on our website or by calling ND Assistive at 800-895-4728.  Please note that this program is only available to North Dakota residents aged 60 and over.

Need additional assistance?

Contact ND Assistive at 800-895-4728 or email info@ndassistive.org.

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