Exterior of home with converted garage

A while back, I was working with a family looking to remodel the bathroom/laundry area they had earlier created for their mother by converting an existing garage.  Sadly, as her arthritis worsened, she could no longer manage the 2 steps with an over-sized rise to the remodeled area safely. Her son heard about IPAT through a friend, and called for some help. After visiting with the family and assessing the space, I suggested the use of a portable EZ-Step as a possible solution. The family borrowed one from IPAT for a trial-run and found it worked beautifully. They then purchased one, and stated later in a thank you note “. . . your $80 answer got our mother in her bathroom and laundry area once again and saved us $1,000’s of dollars in potential remodeling costs.” So if anyone you know is having trouble managing steps, try the EZ-Step by calling 800-895-4728.