With assistive technology apps the perfect gift is always at your fingertips. The holidays are right around the corner and one of the topics of conversation might be cool apps that you have come across. The following list highlights apps that have made a difference in the assistive technology world.  Show family, friends, and colleagues just how smart you are! Feel free to share the app that has made a difference in someone’s life or just your favorite app.



Alexcomm AAC

alexcom aac logo

You say you want a communication app that is customizable in-app with pictures and recording, switch and Bluetooth scanning, word prediction, and free too! You’re asking a lot, but here you go.





ear machine pictureUse your mobile device to provide sound amplification.





Audible Timer

audible timer logoSome individuals benefit from an audible timer to help understand time.




Text to Speech

Natural Reader

natural reader logoUse this app to have text spoken. The app allows for a variety of voices and adjustable speed. If you want a dedicated app this is good but don’t forget about the iOS built in Speak option.



Speech to Text

Dragon Dictation

dragon dictate logoThe standard when it comes to voice dictation. Once again a good option for an app but iOS does a great job with dictation too.



Recording/Note Taking


audionote pictureNotes and recording that are synced together. No longer is there an excuse that you missed something in class.





Vision Assist

vision assist logoThis is a full featured video magnifier with options for up to 20x magnification and several color options to match your needs.






any.do logoWith this app you have no more excuses for getting things done. Just shake away the task when completed.





i read write logoLet iReadWrite help you find the right word to assist with reading and writing.






wattpad logoDo you like to discover the next great authors? With a scrolling feature customized to your reading speed you can sit back and read away.




Mr. aAhH!!

mr. aAhH!! logoOne of my favorite games that has been around for some time. The ability to only have to tap the screen or a switch when you’re ready makes this user friendly.




AmbiScience Brain Power

brain power logoAfter the holidays you need to take a deep breath, you’ve earned it!